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  • Buying Land in Virginia

    Buying land can be an affordable investment for you and your family now and in the long term. 


    Do you love fishing, hiking and camping? Purchasing land in a rural area may be the right move for you. Outdoor sports such as hiking, fishing and swimming can help keep you physically active. The long walk to and from that perfect fishing spot, the nature filled hike or soothing swim can help improve muscle tone, stamina and lung capacity. In addition to the physical benefits, health and wellness experts are telling us that spending time in nature can also improve our mental and spiritual wellbeing. Being in nature has been proven to lower blood pressure and reduce stress hormones and anxiety levels. Spending time in the great outdoors also enhances immune system function, produces increased feelings of self esteem and improves mood. A weekend of camping, swimming, fishing and hiking is also a great way to spend time bonding with your family. Strengthened family bonds and improved physical and mental wellness equals a huge ROI.  Continue reading

  • Virginia land for sale

    What to Consider when looking at Virginia Land for Sale

    Buying a piece of Virginia land for sale can be quite intimidating. But will be very exciting too because this means you have started the journey to what you want to do with this land. When we purchased our land, I had a slew of emotions because I didn’t know what to expect.  But also it meant we can begin our house building project. We basically had a blank canvas and could do what we wanted in terms of house placement, landscaping, etc. Therefore, before we could even entertain the idea of purchasing land, we had to take many items into consideration. Continue reading