Lovers of Land

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Wealth of Harvests

Virginia is a land for lovers, as well as lovers of land. Dotted with farms all over the state, agriculture is the top industry in the state. It didn’t reach that level without good reason. With 8.1 million acres of farmland, counting 44,800 individual farms, the state is home to a booming and diverse output of agricultural products of all kinds.

Assorted Delights

It’s no shock that Virginia houses a wide variety of assorted agricultural products. With its range of climate conditions and very fertile ground, it is well adept for the production of a great number of commodities.

Livestock– Livestock makes a large portion of the farms, with all sorts of different animals including broilers, turkeys, sheep, and cattle. They are also world famous for ham, including the Smithfield variety, that in order to retain the title of Smithfield ham, must be cured within Smithfield, VA for 6 months.

TobaccoOne of the other famous crops in Virginia’s history is tobacco. It was the lifeblood of early colonists using its profits to support life in the colonies. The soil and climate are perfect for this crop and it has been exported all across the world ever since.

Produce– Other goods are produced in wide variety across in the state as well. Including apples, grapes, peanuts, cotton, and tomatoes, many direct to market vegetables and goods are moved weekly into the cities. The rise of farm to table restaurants and road stands have thrived in Virginia because of its varied collection of fruits and vegetables, and their abundance in the area.

In addition to these palpable productions from the land, cultivation of the land produces other benefits. Some of these benefits are biodiversity, increases habitat for wildlife, protection from floods, water quality improvements, soil stabilization, recreation, and tourism.

Farm Friendly Tourism

Agricultural tourism or agritourism is pervasive across the United States. There are varied and entertaining options that many farms offer and some as family traditions over the year, and this industry is growing. These activities can also help many to learn about the ins and outs of various industries.

Picking Fruits and Vegetables– From picking apples, strawberries, and pumpkins, many people have enjoyed this tried and true method of good, clean, and most importantly delicious fun.

Horseback Riding- Experience the allure of experiencing beautiful landscapes and trail while bonding with an animal.

Honey Tasting- Pair foods with various American bee honey types, and learn about honey production.

Cheesemaking- Learn how to make cheese from scratch and of course sample various cheeses along the way.

Wineries/Vineyards- Stomping grapes, bottling, and of course, sampling the harvests of Virginia’s fine land.

These activities are likely Virginia is home to a great number of Century farms, farms who have remained in the same family for over 100 years. 

This is a key point in what makes farmland for sale so intriguing, so many families have realized the joy and beauty of Virginia farms, keeping the homesteads in the family for numerous generations.

With over 90% of the farms in the state owned by families or individuals, the properties are often well cared for, showing the value and appreciation shared by these cultivators of the landscape.

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