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  • How much Virginia Land do you need for your modern homestead?

    In the 1970s self sufficiency was all the rage and people dreamt of getting back to the land. Oftentimes this meant moving to the middle of nowhere, building a tiny home and giving up all modern conveniences. Today the homesteading trend continues to grow but it has changed over the years. Now the homesteading ideal is more about self sufficiency in any form rather than just moving to the wilds of Alaska and living off grid. Below I will discuss the 3 forms of modern homesteading.  Continue reading

  • Virginia Land Becomes An Agrihood

    What is an Agrihood

    An Agrihood (a combination of agriculture and neighborhood) is a planned community with neighborhoods that are centered around a working organic farm. The community is focused on the environment and its impact upon it. The communities provide a variety of amenities that may include hiking/biking trails, lakes/ponds for fishing or kayaking, shops and restaurants. Keep reading to learn about two Agrihoods located right here in Virginia.  Continue reading

  • Virginia Land: Perfect for Winter Camping and Sports 

    Virginia is a beautiful state with mountains, valleys and oceans, everything the outdoor sports enthusiast could want any time of the year. Due to the state’s somewhat mild winter weather, camping and outdoor sports do not have to end in the fall.  You could go camping and enjoy the great outdoors with all it has to offer in one of the many gorgeous national forests located in Virginia or you could buy your very own parcel of land to escape to whenever you want to spend some time in nature.  Below I will talk about why you may want to own your own land and I will introduce you to 3 national forests open for business in the winter.  Continue reading

  • Buying Land in Virginia

    Buying land can be an affordable investment for you and your family now and in the long term. 


    Do you love fishing, hiking and camping? Purchasing land in a rural area may be the right move for you. Outdoor sports such as hiking, fishing and swimming can help keep you physically active. The long walk to and from that perfect fishing spot, the nature filled hike or soothing swim can help improve muscle tone, stamina and lung capacity. In addition to the physical benefits, health and wellness experts are telling us that spending time in nature can also improve our mental and spiritual wellbeing. Being in nature has been proven to lower blood pressure and reduce stress hormones and anxiety levels. Spending time in the great outdoors also enhances immune system function, produces increased feelings of self esteem and improves mood. A weekend of camping, swimming, fishing and hiking is also a great way to spend time bonding with your family. Strengthened family bonds and improved physical and mental wellness equals a huge ROI.  Continue reading

  • 10 Reasons to Buy Land in Virginia

    There are plenty of reasons to live and buy land in Virginia – in fact, the view of Blue Ridge Mountains on a clear day is a persuasive reason on its own. The state has so much to offer whether you’re looking to buy land as an investment or to build and live on.  Continue reading

  • Beautiful Views and Perfect Hues

    All types of riverfront properties exist in some of the most beautiful areas.. All desirable in their own right, some of the best scenic landscapes and piece of property away from the grind of city life and traffic lie on these rivers. While larger rivers typically end up with large developments or cities and towns on them, the smaller rivers are often home to some of the best and most breathtaking home sites.These smaller feeder rivers often offer the ideal respite for someone looking for a beautiful and private piece of property.  Continue reading

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