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  • Virginia the Land of Opportunity

    Buying your Happiness

    When you think of land you think of endless possibilities. Land for sale in Virginia is a popular find. There are amazing views to be taken in, great soil to grow in, and peace and quiet to be had for anyone willing to take a chance on the land and build or invest in. There are so many reasons why to buy land in Virginia if you are interested and not sure about it yet. Continue reading

  • Lovers of Land

    Wealth of Harvests

    Virginia is a land for lovers, as well as lovers of land. Dotted with farms all over the state, agriculture is the top industry in the state. It didn’t reach that level without good reason. With 8.1 million acres of farmland, counting 44,800 individual farms, the state is home to a booming and diverse output of agricultural products of all kinds. Continue reading

  • Virginia land for sale

    What to Consider when looking at Virginia Land for Sale

    Buying a piece of Virginia land for sale can be quite intimidating. But will be very exciting too because this means you have started the journey to what you want to do with this land. When we purchased our land, I had a slew of emotions because I didn’t know what to expect.  But also it meant we can begin our house building project. We basically had a blank canvas and could do what we wanted in terms of house placement, landscaping, etc. Therefore, before we could even entertain the idea of purchasing land, we had to take many items into consideration. Continue reading

  • Can Dairy Cows be Profitable?

      Owning a large piece of land can set all thoughts, dreams, and plans into motion. Perhaps you have thought about getting into the Dairy business which over the years has become a profitable industry. But what does it take to be profitable with Dairy Cows? Continue reading

  • What is this Rooster Thinking About?

    Many people with plots of land in Virginia of all sizes choose to have chickens.

    From cities to the country, chickens are an easy way to bring the farm to your home, and all you need is a little bit of Virginia land. What does owning chickens entail? Continue reading

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